Wise Workforce Strategies’ contact center services have a singular purpose: to help you improve your center’s results by optimizing your approach to workforce management.

At the heart of every successful contact center is a thriving workforce department that effectively serves the needs of their customers, both internal and external. Can this be said about your organization’s workforce department? If not, perhaps it’s time to gain the insight of someone who has helped 100’s of contact center professionals transform their operations by redesigning less-than-best practices and leveraging the power of workforce technology.

  • If you suspect workforce management isn’t “working” at your center, you’re probably right. An on-site assessment provides a comprehensive review of your WFM-related business practices, uncovers improvement opportunities and delivers next-action recommendations specific to your center.
  • Once you have insight into your center’s WFM-related challenges, it’s time to tackle them head on. Do you need to invest in WFM technology? Wise Workforce Strategies can provide request for proposal (RFP) support and assist you in selecting the right solution to meet your center’s needs. Have you decided that it’s time to finally time document your processes? Wise Workforce Strategies can support your documentation efforts. Or perhaps your center is new to the world of WFM and would like help in developing a custom course on the fundamentals. Whatever your workforce challenge, Wise Workforce Strategies is here to help.


 What People Say About Working With Wise…

“Rebecca is one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic WFM professionals I’ve worked with in my 16 years in the business. She truly cares about helping companies understand the theories and practice of WFM.”

“Creative, professional and dedicated team player – that’s Rebecca! Rebecca has in-depth, extensive knowledge of workforce management practices, methodologies and solutions. Her presentation and training skills are brilliant.”

“Rebecca is one of a kind. She has a very unique combination of professional skills with true passion to the art of workforce management that makes for the highest level of performance.”